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October 17, 2019
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Election Commission in action: PTV fires many big guns

ISLAMABAD: The Blue Eyed “Anchors and Coordinators” appointed by the Pakistan People’s Party government on heavy salaries in Pakistan Television (PTV) have been removed after the matter came into the notice of Election Commission.

An Associate Engineer at PTV Mr. Abdul Mateen Bajwa wrote a letter to ECP about the appointments on March 20 followed the immediate action by the MD PTV.

According to the later “Majority of these guys were doing nothing in the PTV and were taking heavy salaries from national exchequer. Some of them were not able to write or speak a single correct sentence in Urdu.”

The sources revealed that actually this letter to ECP was written on the advice of MD PTV. But the question is why MD is trying to save the skin of many other politically appointed persons, like Mohsin Goraya and Ashraf Melcom.

These two guys were appointed for political assignments by the Q-League but they are still on job in spite of the end of another government.

List of the fired persons with their salaries are as follow. You may also see attachment for proof.

Name and Salaries in Rupees:

Names Salaries
Nazir Naji 650,000
Azam Khalil 215,000
Shoaib Bhutta 310,000
Waqar Satti 145,000
Azra Mughal 80,000
Fauzia Shahid 135,000
Mazhar Barlas 260,000
Farrukh Sohail 170,000
Shakil Gilani 160,000
Sikandar Hayat 210,000
Nazir Dhoki 270,000
Capt.(R) Wasif Ali 260,000
Rizwan Alam His salary is secret as he was offering services in PM House.