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November 20, 2019
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Android L 5.0 leaked, running on mysterious Motorola smartphone

WASHINGTON: If you are thinking that Motorola have given up the smartphone market that’s not true because a mysterious huge Motorola smartphone appeared in a video alongside Google Nexus 5.

The leaked video comes from TK Tech news, which reveals Google’s next Android flavor, Android L running on mysterious Motorola smartphone.

The new Android L 5.0 yet to be released in coming months, but now we can have a gimps of the new software thanks to the leaked video.

The mysterious device leaked in video probably has 5.5 inch display more like phablet, running the Android L 5.0. The tipster also climes the device features a 1080p display with Verizon tag over it.

“Maybe it’s a test device,” he speculates. “I can tell you it’s a lot bigger than the Moto X, and I can tell you it’s bigger than the Nexus 5.” That puts it upward of 5 inches – exciting indeed.

The TK News also revealed that Motorola is working on three news Droid phone, it probably one of them or a variant of the Moto X+1, also coming out this year.

The phablet in question does sport the new Android L icons, as well as Android L’s new navigation buttons.

We haven’t have any official words from Motorola or Google yet, take it as a pinch of salt.