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November 18, 2019
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Palestinian children martyred by Israeli missiles, accepts Western media

GAZA: Western journalists witnessed missiles hitting children with their own naked eyes and this witness created a news story that no one would forget in the coming times they say.

Now as the details of the story are unfolding, we learn that actually AFP journalists were staying in a nearby hotel and they were looking towards beach when they witnessed the missile attack which was not by mistake and then when bodies and inured children were taken to the same hotel, they saw the brutality a little more closely.

“We saw bodies ridden with bullets” they said. They saw the bodies of four children and other at least five who were injured, some of whom sought refuge at a hotel used by journalists.

Now this story has wings and it is flying through twitter and likes. What it has made clear in the minds of western people is that Israel is not targeting terrorists, it is targeting masses and even children.

Now common people and even professionals are tweeting against Israel and it seems like a new trend emerging while I.DF has not issued any immediate comment on the incident.