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November 13, 2019
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Samsung Z gets golden touch

SEOUL: As Samsung debut its long waited Tizen smartphone Samsung Z, now device appeared online in golden colour.

The trend of golden smartphone is setting up around the world; Samsung may have decided to bring the Tizen smartphone in Golden colour.

Samsung announce the smartphone last month but the Samsung Z is only available in few countries.

The first commercial of Tizen phone, has a gold variant as well, photos of which have been published by TizenExperts.

The photos were taken at the Tizen Developer Summit in Russia, and the phone actually looks better than average despite the not-so-tasteful implementation of the gold coloring.

It remains to be seen if the gold version of the phone will go on sale anytime soon, since Samsung didn’t mention it during the phone’s official announcement.

Of course, there’s still the matter of when the phone itself will launch in the market, but here’s hoping Samsung can rise past the obstacles it continues to face and make the Samsung Z available for purchase as soon as it can.