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November 18, 2019
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Operation Protective Edge

In Israeli “Operation Protective Edge”. Hundreds of Palestinian Muslims have been martyred in the violence. More than 60 children have also been martyred.

For twelve days, everyday everything is evident in Gaza. “Operation Protective Edge” is unquestionably initial stage of Zionist agenda.

Gaza has become the biggest hindrance on the way of regional domination. So, bombing on innocent Gazans is going on. Israel is more exposed. Thanks to social media.

Usually unjustifiable Israeli aggression is no more embarrassing for International Community. On the contrary, Hamas rockets are everywhere on the main stream media screens.

However, protests around the world against Israel continues. These protests are good news for good people. On the other side in Iraq and Syria, so-called Muslim caliph and cronies are too busy to kill fellow Muslims.

War makers’ mercenaries are destroying everything from Cairo to Aleppo. From both sides, Zionist agenda is in action directly and indirectly. Indeed, world needs to realize that Israeli terrorism and Iraq/Syria bloody game are alarming indications leading towards total disaster in The Middle East.

The greatest need of the hour for the Muslims is not to allow themselves to be carried away by the deceptive slogans. BY NASIR FAROOQ