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November 14, 2019
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Altaf Hussain comes up with a good news

KARACHI: Good news for the suspended 19 members of the Muthaida Quami Movement (MQM) that Altaf Hussain reinstated the suspended members.

According to reports, Altaf Hussain addressing to both London and Pakistan Rabita committees reinstated the suspended members on their duties.

He said workers have to be patients with the people, no one will be apologized for the irresponsibility.

Earlier Altaf Hussain suspended 19 members, while Rabita Committee officials told that the 19 members were not present during their duty time.

While the three members of committee deputy conveners Dr. Nusrat Shuakat, Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui and Gulfaraz Khan Khatak were present at night duty.

Suspended members: Knwar Naveed, Nasreen Jalil, Haider Abbas Rizvi, Mumtaz Anwar, Abdur Rasheed Godel, Ashfaq Ahmed Mangi, Adil Siddiqui, Yousuf Shahwani, Aslam Afridi, Amin ul Haq, Ahmed Saleem Siddiqui, Saif Yar Khan, Adil Khan, Khalid Sultan, Nisar Panhor, Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, Kehf ul Vorah, Tauseef Khanzadah, Syed Shakir