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November 13, 2019
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The real reason behind Israeli attack: The Palestinian perspective

ISLAMABAD: Palestinian people think that the current war is nothing but an attempt by Israel to sabotage their new government.

Sharif Nashashibi, a famous intellectual commented on this situation last night when he gave an interview to a gulf based newspaper.

He said that it is true that Israel used the alleged abduction of three Israeli settlers as a pretext to launch an offensive against the Gaza Strip though the real aim was undermining the Palestinian national unity government.

Nasashibi said Israel can do any thing to destroy the unity among Palestinians.It should be mentioned here that Israel as a pretext of war, accused Hamas of kidnapping and killing three settlers that went missing early last month.

Hamas, meanwhile, consistently rejected the claim.

Now even the people in Palestine think that Hamas was not behind any killings because it has been only one month since they have formed  new government and this timing was not right for any such offensive.

People think that Fetah would not be able to continue relation with Hamas in the current scenario when Hamas people are targeted through the ground offence and all the people supporting them cam also be targeted and so the unity government will have to go.