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November 13, 2019
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Qadar nights in Gaza; Story of those who are still alive

These days we are counting number of casualties in Gaza but there are also people who are still alive.

Let’s think what is happening with them in these Qadar nights,which are peaceful in most of the countries. So people are in remembrance of Allah. They  pray through the nights and then get ready for fasting by waking up for Sehri.  And that’s how they end the night of Qadar but Gaza is different.
Through out the night, there are noises of thunderous Israeli air strikes. So they wait for the Sehri time, when these aircrafts leave, children sleep and then everyone in the family thinks of household chores instead of eating Sehri.
Why? Because Israeli planes wake more in daytime then in nights. So in nights at least one can take showers and wash one’e clothes even if electricity is not there.
This is not the life of any particular area of Gaza. This is life of all .8 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who are faced with a Qadar nights this Ramadahn marked by Israeli airstrikes, and now a ground invasion, that have already claimed over 500 lives.
Suhoor and iftar  respectively, are supposed to be the most special parts of the day — but people here barely stop to eat, and instead check the news non stop to keep track of where the bombardments are.
People are concerned about whether they will have enough flour and other essential goods every night but can not go shopping. Even if they go there is hardly any thing available.
This is not the first time Gaza residents have lived under such horrible circumstances — yet every time a war breaks out, it forms new memories in people’s minds and this time here are Qadar nights.The entire world is in peace but Gazans are different.

Dying for Allah during Qadar nights: Translation of an Arab poem

We do not want to die, but
We understand dying is only
Part of living, death is always
Waiting, sometimes
Patiently, other times
Takes us swiftly, but we understand
This is the will of Allah
Some of us must die
So that others will
Just what is going on
So that others will see
So that others will resist even moreOur deaths will echo in Saudi Arabia,
In Kuwait, in the Muslim halls of the world, in
The cries of our women, in the history of our
Muslim people, in the Khutba’s on Friday�s
Prayers-they know
That we die during Ramadan, they know
We die gloriously at the hand of the heathens, at
The hands of the unbelievers, for the sake of
What the Qur’an taught us,
To protect our families, our homes, our country and
Most of all to protect our mosques
And IslamSo we have stayed to fight
And die during Ramadan, this
Most holy of months, this Ramadan
That requires so much
Discipline and faith, this Ramadan
That is the month of  our sign of commitment
To Allah, it is a glorious month
In which to fight, and if necessary
To die