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November 13, 2019
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Ramadan in India: Extremist organization Shiv Sena in Action

NEW DEHLI: Indian extremist party Shiv Sena members of parliament (MP) reportedly forced Muslim catering supervisor to break fast on Wednesday.

According to reports, 11 MPs of Shiv Sena forced a Muslims catering supervisor, who was fasting for Ramzan, to eat a chapati at the new Maharashtra Sadan in New Delhi last week.

The MPs were angry over not being served Maharashtrian food.

According to sources, the caterer of Sadan, Indian Railway subsidiary stopped all the operations in protest, and complained Commissioner Bipin Mallick of Maharashtra resident.

According to victim Arshad, I was wearing a formal uniform set as prescribed by IRCTC and everybody in the panel also knew my name.

He said even knowing my name they inserted chapati in my mouth which caused my fast to break on the eve of Ramzan.