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November 13, 2019
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Samsung Galaxy Alpha will be limited when launch

WASHINGTON: As Samsung eyeing to launch the prime version of Samsung Galaxy S5, the Galaxy S5 Alfa namely, now new report recons the device would be very limited in stock.

Samsung is been rumored to launch the Prime version of its flagship smartphone as report are indicating towards the limited availability.

According to reports most of Taiwan’s metal case manufacturers are monopolised by Apple, and because there are apparently none back in Korea.

Samsung is reportedly turning to China to create the Alpha’s metal cases. But Chinese metal manufacturers can’t churn out more than 1 million cases per month, so supply will be slow, meaning that the Alpha could well be limited at launch.

If the latest word is to be believed, we could end up with Samsung only releasing the Alpha handset in Korea, like it did for the Galaxy Round, at least for launch.

The Galaxy Alpha is expected to be launched this August, though we suspect that Samsung might hold out until IFA to make the big announcement.