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November 22, 2019
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World will soon forget the Israeli actions, Former Tel Aviv diplomat is confident

WASHINGTON: Former Israeli ambassador says that Israel should not be worried about the reaction of the world because these things don’t take much time before people forget them.

According to The Times of Israel, this diplomat named Avi Primor said that there are Muslim communities worldwide “who are emotionally involved” in Gaza, but even though the demonstrations in Europe look massive they do not represent the governments.”

“They would like everything to happen in a sterile world. They say Israel has the right to defend itself, but want nobody to get hurt in the process. You can defend yourself, but don’t make any mess.” Therefore, even world leaders who understand why Israel needs to fight will eventually condemn Operation Protective Edge, especially as the body counts continues to climb, the official said. “We’ve seen this before. After a while, these things go on autopilot.”

Report also claim that International support for Operation Protective Edge remains firm, several Israeli officials and experts said this week, rejecting assertions that public opinion is turning against Israel’s military campaign in Gaza. Others warn, however, that as the civilian death toll continues to climb, even world leaders sympathetic to Israel’s struggle will eventually turn their backs on Jerusalem.