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November 13, 2019
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Famous Italian philosopher will raise funds to arm Hamas

LONDON – A famous Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo has announced that he will make an effort to finance Hamas.

On Wednesday he joined the alarming tide of anti-Israel hate-speech which has surprised western media. According to the Israeli sources, Gianni openly said that he wants to set up a fund to help Hamas “buy better weapons”.

He further said that he wants to “shoot those bastard Zionists.”Vattimo while making comments on the war said that Hamas is “fighting with toy rockets that don’t really kill anyone.” When asked whether he would like to see more Israelis killed, Vattimo said, “Of course! But unfortunately, I can’t really shoot.” Gianni Vattimo is a leading Italian philosopher and his comments are considered to be representing a sizeable segment of western masses.

He added that the European Union (EU) should fight alongside Hamas, comparing it to the use of foreign fighters to fight fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War.

It should be mentioned that these days Italian government it trying hard to stop these type of comments but these comments surfaced just hours after the Foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Italy condemned a shocking spike in anti-Semitism during violent anti-Israel protests in both countries, as well as throughout Europe and now there can be a new surge in anti-Israel speech.