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November 15, 2019
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US plans to block international reaction against Israel

LONDON: After strong global reaction against United States has started its efforts to nullify this global reaction on every front.

An analyst says that now when Israel is incessantly committing crimes against the Palestinians, US has started blocking every international action against the Zionist regime.

“The principle permanent member [of the United Nations Security Council] – the United States – has systematically willfully obstructed every single attempt to bring Israel to book,” Kevin Ovenden told on Thursday in an interview.

He said under the aegis of the United States, the Israeli regime “feels that it can get away with this.”Ovenden, from the London-based Stop the War Coalition, said that the Israeli regime will emerge loser in its current war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Latest reports say some 750 Palestinians have been killed in 17 days of Israeli aerial and ground offensives against the besieged Gaza Strip, with most of the fatalities being women and children.In response, Palestinian resistance fighters have continued to rain a barrage of rockets onto the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.