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November 14, 2019
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A Pakistani who supports Israel in Israeli media

ISLAMABAD: Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post has published a letter of a Pakistani journalist, Malik Zameer Hussein Awan, who supports Israel on Gaza issue.

This letter has attracted great attention and is fast becoming an engaging story.

In this letter, this journalist claims that Muslims pay no attention when it comes to The Islamic State of Syria and Iraq’s (ISIS) adventures in Iraq, Syria and other parts of western Asia, where these organizations have been destroying shrines, targeting Muslims, destroying Muslims’ heritage and forcing Christians from their homes.

The writer says that Muslims have dual standards.

They don’t utter a word against ISIS whatever they but when it comes to Israel, they change their tone and forget all the realities.

The writer thinks Hamas is a terrorist organization in a way and one should understand the right of defense and the Israeli point of view.

This article has sparked a debate among Israeli masses. while some of them think that it is a fresh new perspective, others think that this writer has found a new forum to gain popularity and fame.