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November 20, 2019
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UK, USA, Australia and EU to celebrate Eid-2014 on July 28

LONDON: After official announcement of Eid-al-Fitr moon sighting in Saudi Arabia, Muslims in UK, USA, Australia and European countries to celebrate the biggest Islamic festival on Monday July 28, TheNewsTribe.com reported.

According to TheNewsTribe’s correspondent from London, Washington and the media reports from EU countries, Muslims who follow Saudi Arabia (KSA) for moon sighting have announced to celebrate Eid on Sunday.

British Muslim Forum Confederation of Sunni Mosques and other Ahl e Sunnat school of thought followers have announced to celebrate on Tuesday as per observatory.

They were of the opinion that moon was not sighted throughout the United Kingdom on Sunday, and Eid could be celebrated only after completing 30 fasts.

According to a precise estimate, there are around 300 mosques of Salafi or Ahle Hadith origin, which follow Saudi Arabia on moon sighting.

However, majority of the mosques, around 700 mosques, follow local moon sighting.

Birmingham Council member Ansar Ali Khan says that British Muslims should have prior knowledge about Eid.

“We have already said that Muslim organizations and leaders should take the affairs into their hands to get rid of this confusion,” he further said.