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November 15, 2019
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Google Nexus 6 leaks in black and white variant with 5.9 inch display

WASHINGTON: Software giant Google’s flagship device Google Nexus 6 spotted in black and white variants.

The leaked device featured huge display of 5.9 inches which is currently the biggest if we consider its as smartphone.

As sources recommend that the device will also have a fingerprint sensor and will go on sale in November, shortly after the expected iPhone 6 launch.

Both devices would surely arrive to pioneer the new Android L software, which is currently under development.

The future of the Nexus range has been the subject of heavy speculation for much of 2014.

First LG, a long time Google partner, said it wouldn’t be working on any Nexus devices in future. Then there was an assumption the home-brewed range would be supplanted by the Android Silver initiative.

However, during a session at Google I/O last month, Google engineering chief Dave Burke claimed there was still more to come from the Nexus line.