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November 11, 2019
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Can’t resist to swim in sea, here are some tips for you and your friends

KARACHI: Yesterday many people on sea view were caught unaware by rip-currents and lost their lives by what is  also termed as rip-tides.
Commissioner Karachi says  there was a ban on swimming but it would have been better if he told people why there was a ban.
People would have thought twice if thew knew what was happening with the sea and even swimmers can not handle these tides.
Lets see what are RIP tides and how can you survive them if unfortunately you feel yourself being irresistibly carried out to sea to an uncertain fate.
It can be a very scary thing.Please note even many swimmers will drown with these tides .
First thing that should never be forgotten is that all that water that comes on-shore has to get back to where it came from.
It flows like a river parallel to the beach. When it meets another such current going in the opposite direction, it makes a  turn back out to sea.Often this  current is not a problem for swimmers but sometimes the pressure between these two opposing currents is stronger and faster than the fastest.
If this happens,you don’t need to fight the current and exhaust yourself. Even if you are a good swimmer, go with the flow of the current but also across it at a 45 degree angle.
While this will take you further out from the shore, it will also bring you to the breaking wave zone. From here you can get back to shore.
Now if you are a weak swimmer, you need to go with the flow and try Swim parallel to the shore until you reach the breaking wave zone.
From here you can either swim ashore, or raise your arm clear of the water to signal the life-guard. And  don’t give up hope.It is killer. Engage your mind in hope and prayers and keep the urge to panic under control.
Please remember that even if you know how to swim, even then oceans demand respect.So venture into it but with care. It is good for us and for our families.