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November 14, 2019
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Muslim restaurants stopped serving Coke and Pepsi as a protest over Gaza

MUMBAI: Muslim restaurants in India  have announced that they will not serve any American soft drink brands,Coke and Pepsi, to their customers as an expression of protest for what is happening in Gaza.

According to Indian media, the Muslim owners of restaurants are deeply grieved at the Gaza tragedy and all they could was to stop serving the American soft drink brands.

They said that US is responsible for what is happening in Gaza.

They shared their decision with their customers and customers decided to cooperate with the restaurants.

Shalimar restaurant Bhindi bazar Mumbai was one such restaurant whereas other such restaurants are also located in the same vicinity.

The restaurant owners said that these economic protests should not be taken lightly because if they went global, they could affect these brands deeply.

The restaurants are now serving local made drinks to customers.