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November 18, 2019
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No internet, no journalist left in Gaza: Who will cover war now?

GAZA CITY: Due to continuous power break down, Gaza is going to suffer an Internet black out in the coming days, which will make it impossible for the residents to share their sufferings with the outside world.

According to the social media readings and updates, now there is hardly electricity in Gaza which has made internet facilities redundant.

Till now people have been posting videos and pictures on social media sites, These picture, images and social media updates have been the main source the outside world has been learning about Gazans’ miseries and the extend of the brutalities and aggression the Zionist state has been committing against the unarmed civilian Palestinians. The social media updates have stirred world wide protest against the aggression and  now Israel is making effort to block what is happening there.

According to sources, local journalists are dying there as a result of firing and shelling by IDF and now Internet blackout is going to sweep the strip which will make the matters even worse.