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November 21, 2019
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India finally refused resident visa to Taslima Nasreen

NEW DELHI: Controversial due to her anti Islam writings, Bengladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen will have to leave India finally because the Indian government has refused her resident visa application.

Taslima currently resides in New Delhi and she had applied for an extension of her resident visa as early as June but till now she was waiting for a positive response.

Now the government has issued her a tourist visa instead of a resident visa.

That means she will have to leave the country soon. It should be mentioned here that Nasreen left Bangladesh in 1994 after receiving threat calls from Islamist groups who declared her works were meant to insult their religion.

She had been living in exile ever since and has lived in US, Europe and India in the last two decades.

However, in several interviews she had expressed her wish to live in India permanently, especially Kolkata which she considered as home but first she had to leave Kolkata in 2007 when there were violent protests by local Muslims and now Government of India thinks her stay as a citizen can be troublesome in one way or the other.