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November 22, 2019
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Old US people say Israel is right, young ones say we don’t agree, PEW Survey

WASHINGTON: Who is responsible for current Gaza crisis? What do American masses think?

A top research organization PEW Institute tried to find the answer to this question but what they have found out is that people are divided on these issues.

Old white Americans think that whatever Israel is doing is right, however, younger whites or other races don’t agree with this view.

They think Israel and Hamas both are almost equally responsible whereas Spanish people think that Israel should be blamed for whatever is happening.

Going by the numbers, PEW institute says that about two-to-one (40% to 22%), more whites consider Israel’s response to the current conflict about right than say it has gone too far.

By contrast, blacks and Hispanics are about as likely to say Israel’s response has gone too far as to say it has been appropriate (36%-27% and 35%-28%, respectively).

College graduates are roughly divided between viewing the Israeli response as having gone too far (32%) and saying it has been about right (36%).

Among those with less education, pluralities say the response from Israel has been appropriate.