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September 17, 2019
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Pakistan’s first ever animated movie ‘3-Bahadur’ ready to release

Pakistan’s first-ever feature length animated film, ‘3-Bahadur’ is set for release in the summer of 2015. The movie is, produced by Waadi Animations of Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy and sponsored by English Biscuits Manufacturers.

Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, CEO of Waadi Animations, said: “Almost 3 years ago, I had an intense desire to create an animated feature in Pakistan which would appeal to both children and adults alike. I have to admit, venturing into the realm of animation was unchartered territory for my team and I, but everyone quickly warmed up to the idea and we began learning the ropes and assembling a team of some of the best animators in the country to work with us. We are proud to announce and share the fruit of our hard work and efforts; Pakistan’s first animated feature film!”

Zulfiqar Ali Ansari, Head of Marketing at EBM, said “We are proud to be associated with this project. The movie brings out a powerful message for children, that, each one of them has unique abilities and strengths through which they can make positive contribution to the society and that EBM’s brands communicate as well.”


The concept of this pioneering movie has a very close connection with the company’s values. It promotes the concept of ‘edutainment’, whereby the healthy physical and mental growth of children is seen as a combination of education and entertainment. This is also exactly what the film ‘3-Bahadur’ depicts through the story of three young superheroes. EBM will be introducing exciting activities around the movie; for instance, movie branded packaging for Gluco and a themed web based interactive activity by RIO.