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October 21, 2019
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Teacher falls in love with her student

FAISALABAD – A school teacher and her 15 year old student of class 8th  ran away from their homes after falling in deep love with each other.

Sources said that the lovers were hailing from Faisalabad, adding that the student belonged to Christian community and the school teacher belonged to Muslim community.

The two lovers ran away from their homes because their families could not be agreed to tie the knot due to the ethnic differences.

The runaway news of the couple created unrest in their families. The girl family stormed at the boy resident but they were not present at that time. However, the neighbors interfered and sent them back.

Sources said that police managed to arrest the couple and presented them before the session judge, adding that the girl expressed her desire to get marry with Asif. The girl was sent to shelter home on court directions.

The two had in contact with each other since long time. However they were compelled to run from their homes because the families were not letting them to get marry.