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October 18, 2019
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Dean Jones bashes ICC at Hafeez drama

LONDON: Former Australian star cricketer, coach and commentator Dean Mervyn Jones Friday took a jab at ICC about why the cricketing body has failed Mohammad Hafeez and Pakistan.

Jones said that if ICC is going to stipulate on the action issue and ask players to be tested etc, then they need to make sure that they have the ability or protocols in place to ensure that visa etc are not an issue.

Jones grieved that Pakistan have missed a key player in today’s Test and Hafeez has also lost out on fees and probably a match winning performance.

54-year commentator criticised ICC for mishandling the issue. He said “if ICC cannot guarantee visa matters then they should have other testing centers in place before putting players in such a position.”

He also condemned ICC’s attitude towards other playing nations and said it is absolutely unacceptable from the ICC.

“If I was a cynic, I would have said that ICC would have moved heaven and earth if it was a player from the Big 3.” He said

Jones suggested new ICC president Zaheer Abbas to be active before becoming a laughing stock.

“The ICC presidency is more than a ceremonial post. Get cracking before you become the laughing stock of the world.” He added.