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October 18, 2019
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Pakistan shocked as ‘Public’ not allowed in Centaurus mall Islamabad

ISLAMABAD -The Centaurus Mall in Islamabad stirred  a new debate when the shopping mall management issued a special notice for public, TheNewsTribe.com reported.

The Centaurus Mall Islamabad’s notice in an indirect way shows that general public are restricted to enter into the mall.
Is it beginning of a new colonial era?

This is the question every other Pakistani is asking these days on social media. The comments on Facebook and tweeter discuss old colonial practices when general public of a country were not allowed in high-end premises and there used to be signage saying “natives are not allowed unless they serve you tea”.

Pakistan shocked as ‘Public’ not allowed in Centaurus mall Islamabad | Thenewstribe.com
Nowadays these kind of comments are called ‘hate speech” or racism and no one can afford to say these things any more but people think there are other ways to say the same thing.

The announcement made by Centaurus stated that it’s to avoid overcrowding as the mall become visit place for general people from Rawalpindi and surroundings area after the inauguration of Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus project.

Though, the argument makes some sense but people on social media are not willing to accept it at all. They say it yet another way to disallow locals because we have to uplift the nation through giving them accesses and exposure to better life style.

The whole debate is getting momentum on social media.
The notice also said that members of National and Provincial assemblies, Judiciary, local administration, armed forces, police, diplomats, business community, Journalists, national and multinational companies executives, players, club members does not need any entry coupon.

Though as private property the mall can restrict the access to anyone but it’s a public place now therefor many believe that the recent announcement show the mindset of colonial era when places represent to privileged class were out of bound for general public.