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October 18, 2019
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Extensive use of tea makes bones strong

LONDON – People love drinking tea for many reasons, sometimes we need a caffeine boost or we all have our personal reasons. Now one important reason to include tea in your diet is because it strengthens bones.

A new research shows that tea may build and strengthen bones, protecting women against osteoporosis. If milk is added to the tea, the benefit is boosted even more.

The researchers carried out research from all over the world, finding a correlation between tea consumption and higher bone mineral density (BMD).

A research was conducted to measure of calcium and other minerals in bones, in postmenopausal women in Canada and England, as well as women in Taiwan, Iran, Japan, and Australia.

The study in England shows that the women consuming tea had approximately 5% higher bone mineral density BMD at all three bone sites measured than those who were not tea drinkers.

The researcher’s result is that tea’s bone-building characteristics comes from its compounds found in plants called flavonoids.

It also found that there was no difference in BMD rates for those who consumed one to three cups versus four or more cups each day, and that adding milk to the tea did not change the correlation.

In tea drinkers, however, it appears that any negative effect of the caffeine is more than overcome by other components of tea.

Those wishing to limit their intake of caffeine might wish to choose green, rather than black tea, since green tea contains less caffeine than black tea.