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October 21, 2019
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Saleem Safi predicts future of Ashraf Ghani

ISLAMABAD – Famous anchor person and journalist, Saleem Safi, said that Afghan people had attached great expectations to their President Ashraf Ghani.

According to Saleem Safi, Ashraf Ghani has failed to devise a progressive plan for the people of Afghanistan, adding that even after passing of one year of Ashraf’s government, he could not complete his cabinet.

It was expected that Ashraf Ghani would make a comprehensive strategy along with his electoral rival Abdullah Abdullah to drive Afghanistan on a track of progress and development but failed to do so, he added.

Saleem Safi said that law and order situation in Afghanistan was also not satisfactory. Pakistani Media was not reporting the situation but Taliban were gaining quickly its foothold in different areas of core importance.

He said that political rivals, Afghan media and even the parliament started to criticize the Afghan president for his pro-Pakistan’s opinion. adding that Ashraf Ghani would face grave challenges in future.