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October 23, 2019
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Around 185 orphans suffers food poisoning

ISLAMABAD – Over 185 children of Pakistan Sweet Homes, were brought to PIMS hospital, suffering from food poisoning after having substandard meal at morning.

Managing Director Pakistan Bait ul Maal, Barristor Abid Waheed Shiekh has told media that children who are under 10, usually take Bread and Milk in breakfast.

“Today after having breakfast, some of the children complained about stomach pain and some of them had vomits, we immediately shifted the orphans to PIMS hospital”. MD Bait ul Maal added.

Abid Waheed Shiekh told that not all the children suffered from the desease but they decided to take all the children to hospital for chaeckup.

PIMS spokesperson, Dr. Ayesha, while speaking to media, said that about 185 children were brought to PIMS, where 60 have been admitted and declared as food pioson paitients, while rest of the children are discharged from the hospital.

“Those who are suffering from food poisoning are being given best treatment and hopefully we will be able to discharge them on Monday”. Dr. Ayesha explained.

Zamurd Khan, Patron In Chief Pakistan Sweet Homes has said that an inquiry will be conducted to investigate what was the reason children in large number suffered from this disease.

“Pakistan Sweet Homes provide food to the orphans in consultation with doctors”. Zamurd Khan told.

PIMS administration told that children who brought to hospital are under 10 and will be discahrged soon.