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October 18, 2019
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Argentina surpass Germany in World ranking

LONDON – Argentina grabbed top spot in the FIFA rankings after more than seven years, although Chile beat Argentina in Copa America final.

After seven year Argentina moved to the top of the FIFA rankings. In previous mega event Argentina lost the final of Copa America final on Saturday.

Messi’s team lost the match on penalties. After this win Chile moved to the eight position.

Argentina surpassed World Champion Germany and Belgium to get top position. According to new rankings Colombia managed to get Fourth position and Netherlands successfully grabbed fifth place.

Brazil is on 6th and Portugal took 7th position, while England team moved to ninth place.

New FIFA Rankings.

1. Argentina (3)
2. Germany (1)
3. Belgium (2)
4. Colombia (4)
5. Netherlands (6)
6. Brazil (5)
7. Portugal (7)
8. Romania (12)
9. England (15)
10. Wales (22)