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October 18, 2019
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Meet the proud woman with beard

LONDON: Harnaam Kaur, a 24-year-old woman has all feminine features as well as a beard on face. The proud woman says that with all her feminity, she also embraces her masculine feature – a beard unconditionally.

Harnaam from Slough Berkshire- a town 20 miles west of central London,  is suffering from poly-cystic ovary syndrome which leads to excessive hair on face and body, and at first glance makes her look like a man.

The Sikh woman was diagnosed with this condition at 11, and tried removing her body and facial hair with all kind of techniques. At 16, however, she was baptised as a Sikh, and stopped shaving her hair, which consequently lead to bullying from her friend and strangers.

Upset with the turn of events, she started to inflict harm on herself and even contemplated suicide. In her darkest mental phase though, a realisation hit her that changed her life.

Harnaam was spotted by photographer Louisa of Urban Bridesmaid. Excited about the offer, Kaur agreed to pose for the photographer to set an example for those women who feel insecure with their natural flaws.

“Women, learn to respect your body, irrespective of your so-called flaws.” Says Kaur.