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October 14, 2019
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Pakistan Sindh

Rangers’ another major raid on Nine Zero

KARACHI: The Rangers personnel raided MQM’s headquarters Nine Zer in early hours of Friday and arrested MQM leader Qamar Mansoor and Kaiful Wara from Khurshid Begum Hall, in-charge of party’s Coordination Committee, according to sources.

The area between Mukka Chowk to Madni Masjid was heavily manned by paratroopers. All the people who were sitting on roads were forced to stand by wall.

Personnel of Paramilitary force then from Mukka Chowk, Azizabad, and the paratroopers entered Khurshid Begum Secretariat amid heavy security cordon around the MQM’s headquarters on all 14 exits and entrances in the area.

Three MQM leaders Qamar Mansoor, Azeem Farooqi and Sufyan Yousuf were briefly interrogated at Khurshid Memorial, according to sources. Only Qamar Yousuf and Kaiful Wara have been whisked away and shifted to some undisclosed location.

Eight ranger’s vehicles partook in the overnight operation that continued for over half an hour.

It should be mentioned here that a lot of FIRs were lodged against party chief Altaf Hussain and various party leaders during last couple of days. Sources said a raid at MQM’s main office was being expected.

The sources said the rangers are pondering over sealing off Nine Zero after Eidul Fitr.