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October 15, 2019
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Junaid Jamshed responds to Ali Zafar’s questions on women status in Islam

ISLAMABAD – Famous Pakistani singer and successful actor of Bollywood, Ali Zafar asked Junaid Jamshed to clarify his statement about status of women in Islam.

Ali Zafar on twitter accountasked Junaid Jamshed to clearify the status of women in Islam. Few days back, Junaid Jamshed appeared on TV show and translate a verse of Holy Quran which stirred controversy.

Junaid Jamshed stated in show that  “God dislikes that any woman should be named [in the Quran]. After this social media burst on Junaid Jamshed but he quickly came with video message in which he clarified his statement.

On twitter account Junaid Jamshed also responded to Ali Zafar and try to convince him about his statement about women. The conversation between Junaid Jamshed and Ali Zafar is as below: