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October 16, 2019
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Bollywood movie Bangistan bans in Pakistan

MUMBAI – New Bollywood movie ‘Bangistan’ has been banned in Pakistan just after its official trailer released, India media claimed.

Bollywood movie ‘Bajrani Bhaijaan’ successfully running in Indian cinemas and also in Pakistan. But latest movie ‘Bangistan’ was banned in Pakistan due to anti-Pakistan content.

Producer of movie is not happy with the decision of Pakistani censor board and written a letter to Pakistan ministry to review the decision.

He wrote in letter that  “Basing their judgement on the trailer alone, they have decided that the film is anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim. If anything, it’s anti-terrorism and since Pakistan is as much a victim of this global menace as any other country, it is in their interest to screen the film. It’s message is that it’s foolish to give up your life for a cause you’ll not live to fight for.”

Producer and director of movie applied for Pakistani visa and he wants to visit Pakistan along with leading actors, Ritesh and Pulkit to show the film to ministry and censor board.

He said that he wants to prove that their intentions are fair.