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October 19, 2019
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Senior leader of Al-Qaeda killed in US Strike

BAGHDAD – Pentagon claimed that senior commander of Al Qaeda killed on Friday in air strike, Thenewstribe.com learnt from International media reports.

A Senior leader of Al-Qaeda Abu Khalil al-Sudani killed in air strike in a attack occurred on July 11. He was Al Qaeda’s high ranked operational commander.

US Defense Secretary Ashon Carter revealed that leader of Al Qaeda was killed in US air strike. Pentagon released a statement to reporters in Iraq who were travelling with US Defense Secretary.

Pentagon in a statement said that al-Sudani’s death will further degrade the operations of militants across the group.

Abu Khalil al-Sudani was head of Al Qaeda’s suicide and explosive operations. He was also senior  shura member.

Pentagon claimed that al-Sudani was directly linked to plotting attacks against US.