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October 16, 2019
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GeoNews Bureau Chief kidnapped in Karachi

KARACHI: GeoNews Karachi Bureau Chief Faheem Ahmed Siddiqui was kidnapped on his way to work on Saturday by men in plainclothes and police uniforms. He was bound and gagged, assaulted, his property taken away and was left tied up in Manghopir, Geo.tv reported.

According to Faheem Siddiqui, he was hailed by a police mobile near the Sakhi Hassan Chowrangi as he was driving to work. Expecting a normal security check, Siddiqui complied and stopped his SUV. Armed men in plain clothes then pulled him out of his car and began to beat him.

The men covered Siddiqui’s face with a cloth, bound his hands and took him away towards an undisclosed location in his own car. Faheem told that besides the two men (who were in plain clothes) the rest of them were in uniform and seemed to be fresh recruits.

His abductors demanded he reveal his mobile phone password and after he complied they made several phone calls providing updates.

Faheem Siddiqui said he was finally left with his hands tied in Manghopir near the Hub Dam. His abductors left him in the deserted area and took away Siddiqui’s licensed weapon, three mobile phones and all the documents and electronics that were present in his.

IG Sindh said that an investigation is being conducted into the incident. He added that they are trying to ascertain which policemen are involved in this incident.

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has taken notice of the issue and has assured an inquiry will be conducted by the Rangers and the Police. He stressed that the facts will be brought to light.

Nisar made it clear, that it is against the law for policemen in plain clothes to detain someone. He has assured that serious action will be taken in light of Faheem Siddiqui’s abduction.