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October 15, 2019
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Drone strike near Pak-Afghan border kills five terrorists


LAL PUR – At least five terrorists were killed in a US drone attack on Sunday in the Lal Pur district near Pak-Afghna border.

According to details, drone fired couple of missiles on militant positions that killed at least five militanst.

Intelligence sources said that militants not identified yet. Drone strike missile on the area considered as most inhabited are by Pakistan Tehreek-e Taliban militants.

This incident occurred just few days before the second round of peace of talk between Afghan government and Taliban.

Earlier, Afghan government officials confirmed on Friday that the second round of peace talks between Afghan government and Taliban is scheduled for the end of July.

Member of Afghan High Peace Council (HPC), Mohammad Ismail Qasimyar said that next round of peace talks is set for July 30 or 31. Qaiser Ismlai who is member of Afghan governments’s top peace negotiating body, not revealed the venue of peace talks.

“The talks… are set for July 30 but discussions and consultation are ongoing between Afghanistan, Pakistan, the United States and China on where to host the meeting,” said HPC deputy chairman Abdul Hakim Mujahid.