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October 14, 2019
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Shootout at Indian Punjab police station ends, ten killed

NEW DELHI: Gun battle at Indian Punjab police station has finally ended killing ten including four police officers, a local superintendent and three civilians in the operation in the usually calm northern state of Punjab.

The 12-hours long battle after Indian police managed to overcome the heavily armed men.

“The police superintendent fought them bravely but unfortunately he was shot in the head and died on the spot,” said Anand Kumar, part of the Special Forces team that entered the building.

Adviser to Indian Punjab’s chief minister Harcharan Bains told media that “the group of about five attackers came in a white Maruti-Suzuki car, dressed in army uniforms, the attackers took the vehicle at gunpoint from a roadside restaurant.”

Jitendra Singh, a junior minister in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s office, alleged Pakistan’s involvement. “There have been earlier reports of Pakistan infiltration and cross-border mischief in this area,” said Singh, whose constituency in the Jammu region borders Gurdaspur.

However, director general of Punjab police, Sumedh Singh Saini said, “It is too early to say who the attackers were.”

Pakistan has denied any involvement in insurgencies in Indian Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.