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October 21, 2019
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Rohingya Muslims reject Green Card offer by Myanmar govt, say it’s part of hate crimes

Islamabad / Makkah (July 27, 2015): Rohingya Muslim representative organizations Arakan Rohingya Union and Global Rohingya Center have jointly rejected the Green Card offer by the Myanmar Government, terming this act as a part of ongoing hate crimes against the Rohingya Muslims on governmental level.
During an urgent meeting, called by the President GRC, Shiekh Abdullah Maruf, in Makkah, a policy statement was issued in which it is said that ulterior motive behind this offer by the Myanmar Government seems to be counter diplomatic international pressure by proving that Rohingya Muslims are “illegal migrants of Bangali origin”. Shiekh Abdullah Maruf warned that carrying this card of 2 years validity doesn’t grant citizenship rights but in future, could be used against Rohingya Muslims for expelling them. He further said that Arakan (today’s Rakhin) was once independent state under the Muslim rulers, until 1784, where Rohingya Muslims and Buddhists used to live peacefully.

“Since getting independence from the British, Rohingya Muslims are being left on the mercy of Buddhist nationalists in Burma,” he regretted, while mentioning the genocide and atrocities under different tenures. He further mentioned that the White Card Scheme was also introduced by the Government in 1990, which latter resulted to declare Rohingya Muslims as foreigners, and illegal immigrants.