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October 17, 2019
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Salman Khan’s tweets expose the reality of “Freedom of expression” in India

MUMBAI – Reality of ‘Freedom of expression’ in Indian was exposed by the tweets of Salman Khan regarding the death sentence of Yakub Meomon.

Bollywood star Salman Khan face barrage of opposition from the people of India after he tweet about the convict of 1993 blast. Couple of days a go he tweeted on his twitter account about the death sentence of Yakub Meomon.

He posted a message on twitter account that Tiger Meomon should hanged to death instead of Yakub Meomon. He tweeted that “Don’t hang brother, hang tha lomdi who ran away.”

After his tweets, he faced barrage of opposition and deletes his all tweets regarding Yakub Meomon. He also apologize for his tweets .

He tweeted, “I had tweeted that Tiger Memon should hang for his crimes and I stand by it. What i also said is that Yakub Memon should not hang for him. I have not said or implied that Yakub Memon is innocent. I have complete faith in the judicial system of our country. Many lives were lost in the Mumbai blasts. And I have repeatedly said the loss of one innocent life is equal to the loss of all humanity. My dad called & said I should retract my tweets as they have the potential to create misunderstanding. I here by retract them. I would like to unconditionally apologise for any misunderstanding I may have created unintentionally. I also strongly condemn those who are claiming my tweets are anti religious. I have always said I respect all faiths and I always will.”