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October 20, 2019
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India to open more floodgates towards Pakistan


KASUR – Indian authorities have notified Pakistan that they will released more water in the river Sutlej during next 48 hour.

According to details, water level in River Sutlej is continuously rising and no Indian authorities informed Pakistan that they will release more water.

Earlier, water level in River Sutlej has increased just after the three flood gates opened by the Indian authorities.  Indian authorities opened the floodgates toward Pakistan near Ferozpur Head-works.

Several villages of Sindh inundated due to heavy flood and high alert also issued for some other villages.

Low lying areas of Mandi Bahaudin inducted on Tuesday and on the other alarming situation is occurred at Tarbela Dam.

According to details, Mandi Bhauddin and other isolated areas were inducted due flash flood in Punjab. Alarming situation also occurred at Tarbela Dam, where water level rises to 1541 feet.

The maximum storage capacity of Tarbela reservoir is 1550 feet.Water at Guddu in River indus is 570000, Out flow at Chashma stands at 531596 cuescs.

Tide of 20000 cusecs water will pass through Head Ganda Singh today.Slipways opened to release extra water.