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December 16, 2019
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Revisiting Memories Of 1965: Rare, incredible pictures of India Pakistan War

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan celebrating 50 years of war with arch-rival India. We collected few rare photographs related to the event.

Pakistani soldier at Khemkaran during 1965 war.


Pakistani soldier at Munabao Railway Station during 1965 war.


Pakistani war hero M.M Alam with his fighter jet. He shot down 10 Indian jets during 1965 war, 6 of them were destroyed in less than one minute.


Indian arms at display at Akhaure Railway Station, Which the 19 Punjab of 57 Indian Mountain Division left in the Pakistan territory on November 23, after having been mauled badly at the hands of Pakistan Army.


Indian war plane captured during 1965 war at display in Pakistan Air Force Museum, Karachi.


Major General Niranjan Prasad was commander of the 15 Infantry Division of the Indian army which fought Pakistan army in the 1965 war between India and Pakistan. Despite commandering a superior force, in terms of numbers of infantrymen and its accompanying artillery, Major General Prasad managed a complete collapse of his command and control. Major General Prasad’s men abaondoned their vehicles and fled following fierce counter-attacks by the Pakistan army.

The Indian Defence Minister wrote in his book, titled, “1965 War- The Inside Story”:

“On learning that, Lt. Gen. Harbakash Singh and the corps commander drove in a Jonga (Nissan P60 Jeep) to the battlefront. Army commander found that the enemy (PAF) air attack had created a havoc on G.T. Road. (Indian) Vehicles were burning and several vehicles of 15 Division abandoned on the road, the drivers having run away, leaving some of the engines still running.

Maj. Gen. Niranjan Prasad was hiding in a recently irrigated sugar cane field. As described by Harabakash Singh: “He (Prasad) came out to receive us, with his boots covered with wet mud. He had no head cover, nor was he wearing any badges of his rank. He had stubble on his face, not having shaved.” Seeing him in such a stage, Harbakhash Singh asked him: “Whether he was the General Officer commanding a division or a coolie? Why had he removed badges of rank and not shaved? Niranjan Prasad had no answer.”