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December 14, 2019
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Teenagers ‘suicide pact’: Another development in the case

KARACHI: Police have recovered a drawing and one more letter from school bag of the boy who killed his 15 year old girlfriend before committing suicide on Tuesday in Patel Para area of Soljar bazar, Karachi.

According to police official, working on the case, police has been investigating the issue as suicide pact so far.

However, he said, the drawing which shows the girl on ‘Jaa-e-Namaz’ and the the letter which tells of their plan to commit suicide by drinking poison, has given strength to their perspective on the case that this is not a murder at all.

He further said, police has also been interrogating girl’s father as his licensed pistol was used in the case.

Earlier, a letter from girl to his father was leaked which showed that the girl took that step after being highly disappointed from her family to be un-supportive in case of her ‘LOVE.’

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