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December 11, 2019
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 iPhone blocks bullet, saves student’s life

CALIFORNIA: The iPhone of a Californian student  saved his life when it stopped a bullet fired during an armed robbery, TheNewsTribe.com learnt from international media.

The victim’s roommate, Faris Alotaibi, said, “The victim was shot in the leg and his phone prevented it from entering his body.”

The thief pulled a gun on the victim after following him inside the student apartment complex as the gates of the complex had been left open. The robber snatched the student’s backpack which contained his laptop. After that, he fired a single bullet and ran away.

 “I looked at his jeans and it was torn open. He showed me the phone, the bullet was very clear, destroyed it and broke it into pieces,” Alotaibi said.

The victim remained uninjured as his iPhone took the full effect of the bullet. However, the robber is believed to still be at large.