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December 12, 2019
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Unique features of JF-17 Thunder

ISLAMABAD: JF-17 thunder, fighting jet of Pakistan has replaced American made F-16 in technology and made the Pakistani Air Force more stronger then before.

Initially JF-17 thunder has been made by the combined efforts of Pakistani and Chinese engineers but now this technology has been transferred to Pakistan and only Pakistani engineers are making it in their home.

This fighter jet is very modern in technology and also it is very light in weight. It has completely changed the operational doctrine of Pakistan Air Force.

This smart jet is 14.26m in length and 4.775m in height, its wings are 9m in length and it can carry huge amount (9-12k) of conventional and unconventional weaponry with it.

The most important feature of this jet is that it can take off from mere 610m long run way and it can land on mere 823m long runway also its speed is 1960 km/h.

Earlier than this American made F-16 was considered as the most reliable and powerful aircraft of Pakistan Air Force and it can counter Indian and Israeli aircrafts as well.