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December 16, 2019
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Apple to unveil the iPhone 6S tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO: One of the biggest Apple events ever is going to hit San Francisco on Wednesday at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium where Apple CEO Tim Cook may introduce as many as three new phones.

Cook will also unveil redesigned Apple TV set-top box and a really big tablet and he’ll do it all from an unfamiliar stage. It could be a day for firsts.

Of course, all we know at the moment is based on a lot of well-founded rumors. The only thing that’s pretty much a certainty is the iPhone 6S: A faster iPhone 6 with a better camera, a tougher zinc-reinforced case and, perhaps, a Force Touch screen.

It’s unlikely Apple would update one iPhone 6 without adjusting the other, so we have to assume the bigger iPhone 6 Plus is getting an upgrade, too. Do not expect a radical redesign of the iPhone — that’s simply not in the cards. Also certain is the exact release dates for iOS 9 and the OS X update El Capitan.

However, unless there’s some new desktop or laptop hardware, El Capitan will only get a passing mention on Wednesday.

The Apple Watch will get some stage time, too: WatchOS 2, which allows apps to run directly on the watch (as opposed to a mere extension of the phone app), should be on tap, and new bands are likely.

Tim Cook and his entourage will spend a lot of time talking through iOS 9 to remind us about what it’ll do for the iPhone — old and new. We know Siri’s getting an upgrade, but don’t be surprised if we learn about a few new iOS 9 features we didn’t hear about in the summer.

After the phone and iOS 9, things get a bit murkier. A new Apple TV is expected, but it’s been expected before and failed to materialize. Likewise with the 12.9-inch, business-friendly iPad that’s been rumored for over a year but has never progressed beyond the rumor stage. Maybe that changes this week. Maybe not.

Whatever happens, (and whatever that “one more thing” is) you are in the right place. Senior Tech Correspondent Christina Warren and I will be your guides before, during and after the event. Follow this live blog as well as our Mashable Periscopes, Snaps, Tweets, Vines and Instagrams. We’ll give you the full Apple monty.