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December 13, 2019
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Ayesha Omar shows love for Bollywood industry

LAHORE: Pakistani VJ-turned actress Ayesha Omar has stated that she would love to do Bollywood projects if she had not to compromise over values.

In an interview with Gulf News, she said she would be honoured to work in Bollywood if she gets a chance. “Frankly, I’d be very honoured and humbled, but I want to work in Pakistan because my country needs us right now.”

“The Indian industry is very lucrative and it’s easy to go there. I want to stay back for a few years and work here. I might, however, do a really good project if it comes my way — only if I don’t have to compromise on my values and feel there is substance in it,” she added.

Speaking about content comparison of local industry and Bollywood she said,

“Our content is very strong. I feel we know how to play with the script, and have some amazing script writers. That’s why our dramas are getting rave reviews across the border, in India.”

 “Our characters are very deep as well and we keep them real — something people can relate to,” she added.