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December 16, 2019
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Indian nation witness another horrifying rape case

JAIPUR – Indian nation witnessed another horrifying rape case as 17-year old Indian girl was rapped by 13 men in New Dehli.

Indian young girl trapped and rapped by 13 men after being kept in hotel room for two days. The girl “A” belonged from small town Mongolpur.

Girl was sold to man who kept her to a hotel room and at least eight to nine people rapped her.  A woman named Payal was accorded the responsibility of preparing her for every customer.

On August 31, girl finally able to escaped from hotel as the kidnappers left the window open. She escaped from hotel and informed her brother about whole incident.

According to Indian media, kidnappers offered her handsome pay for job and kidnapped her.

DCP Vikramjeet Singh said that “Rocky and Rani were arrested along with the hotel manager, Mukesh Soni. Two agents, Anil and Arjun, were nabbed from a hideout in Jaipur along with a customer named Kamal,”