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December 12, 2019
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Killer of ‘Cecil’ the lion has finally speaks out

DUBAI: The US dentist Palmer, killer of Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion has broke his silence and said he had no idea that it was a special feline and announced to get back on his dentistry job from Tuesday.

According to details, he said that he and his mates had no clue that what they were to hunt was special feline which had a well known attraction in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

He further said he was armored with bows and arrows during the hunt but he declined to say anything about whether he would abide by the request of Zimbabwe over legal allegations.

He said has return to its original profession dentistry from Tuesday and he cleared that he had not paid anything for the hunt and the media was spreading false news.

Palmer  further said “I need to get back to my staff and my patients, and they want me back. That’s why I’m back”

It is to be kept in mind that Zimbabwe government has asked the United States to hand over Palmer to face charges over the hunt.