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December 10, 2019
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Savour Foods reopens in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD – City Administration in Islamabad unsealed the ‘Savour Foods’ in Blue Area on Thursday night, TheNewsTribe.com reported.

‘Savour Foods’  satisfied the administration that all objections raised by the department have been addressed.

Juster after the opening, more than hundred people visited Savour Foods to enjoy meal.

On Wednesday City Administration ordered to seal ‘Savour Foods’ in Blue Area after authorities found their kitchen staff to be working under unhygienic and unhealthy conditions and presence of unsatisfactory food items.

 The officials have also called for the health certificates of all kitchen staff working at  Savour Foods.

In connection with the crackdown officials also raided a food-packing factory in Golra, Islamabad and ordered it to be sealed as well, after officials found the food to be unsatisfactory.

It is to be kept in mind that food authorities are in full swing these days to counter the unhealthy food chains and restaurants.