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December 8, 2019
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Aamir Khan tells why he cried after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Katti Bhatti?

MUMBAI: After he was unable to contain himself from shedding a few tears publicly, Aamir Khan was trolled on Twitter. Here’s the justification that the actor provided.

Aamir Khan was made the object of ridicule and banter on micro-blogging site Twitter, when images of his started doing the rounds on the internet. After watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Aamir Khan emerged with a brown towel wiping his tear-stained eyes, apparently overwhelmed.

The news did create a lot of buzz but when Aamir again left a theatre, emotionally overwhelmed yet again after watching his nephew and Kangana Ranaut’sKatti Batti, the masses had had enough. Aamir Khan’s tear-stricken face was laughed at and various memes starting emerging on Twitter.

“I read all the jokes (on Twitter). I was reading them and laughing. I don’t remember the jokes now, but there were some really good ones. I quite enjoyed all the attention,” said the actor. The actor also shared an entertaining story about how he got handed the towel in the first place.

“When I started watching the film, I didn’t have a towel or anything. But I got very emotional in the second half, so I asked my boy to get me something, and he got me that,” he said before bursting out with laughter.

He also revealed what it was exactly about Katti Batti which made him cry.

“It’s an extremely emotional and moving story about the beliefs one has in love and the extent to which one goes for those beliefs. It reminded me of moments from my own life.

“I am an obsessive kind, emotional… I am a sucker for Mills & Boon stories. The film reminded me of moments that I have been through that were highly romantic, intense and obsessive,” he revealed.

This article originally appeared in ARY News.